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AED Information/Instructions

AED Information 


NOTE: The information provided below are only guidelines that provide an idea of what you should expect. This does NOT substitute for the instructions located on top of the box of the device.

In the event that a cardiac event has occured, it will be your responsibility to see that the following actions are taken in the order shown:

  1. Check to see if the individual is responsive

  2. If unresponsive, immediately begin chest compressions (CPR)

  3. You or someone else call 911

  4. You or someone else runs to retrieve the AED device. 

The AED device is located in our coaches’ equipment room.  As you face the storage facility looking at the yellow posts in front, the Coaches' equipment room has a door on the right side of storage facility. It is a keyless entry code which you punch in on the pad. The AED device is mounted on the left wall as you open door to coaches’ room. There is a light switch as you enter coaches’ room on the left. We are counting on you to remember this code and be able to give to anyone you send to get the device in case it is needed. Write the code down on your official roster so you

will always have it with you.


We hope that this is never used, but we all must know the procedure in the unfortunate circumstance that it is needed.  We will send this memo to all pre travel coaches. There is a short video noted on our website under coach registration.  We did try to give an overview to all travel coaches opening day. Dave Hahn followed this up with a short explanation Monday for the Pre-travel coaches who attended.


Please ask your parents as you are having them sign the Lindsay Law document if they would like to take the heart saver course. The course can be taken at a hospital, or occasionally at local fire departments. Karolyn Fox will coordinate the training, but we need a time you would be available. I am thinking a Sunday afternoon or evening. It is about 3 hours. Please email parents or your name if you would take course.


Thanks for all you do.


David Hahn


Instructions for AED Use

  1. Immediately start chest compressions (CPR) and order someone to call 911.

  2. Open glass door and pull out the small case with AED Device.  

  3. A little round window on the front of the device can be pressed and shortly a green intermittent blinking light will appear and that indicates battery is charged.

  4. When you have AED on location with an unconscious person, unzip, press the green light, and it will give you instructions.

  5. Pull the defibrillator pads up and apart as noted. Adult pads are on device.  Adult pads go down to age 7, so these will most likely be used. If a very small child under 5 is unresponsive, you will need to exchange the adult pads with the pediatric pads.

  6. If the person is still unresponsive (someone should have been giving CPR up to this point), you will put pads on as directed by device. (Please see proper positioning but it does not matter which pad is left or right.

  7. The device will analyze the rhythm and determine if a shock is needed. If a shock is needed, it will tell you to shock and you will then press button to shock.  If it determines no shock is needed, you will be directed to continue CPR. It will give you the beat and tell you how to proceed.     

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