Information for Coaches


  1. You must register as coach with the background check and have current concussion training to have team roster. You are also required to complete the Safe Sport training and the Heart Saver training. A roster will not be given for games unless the coach is registered and has completed the training requirements.

  2. Review Lindsay’s Law information within registration. Information sheet on AED use is shown below.  The device is stored in coaches’ equipment room.  Generally, AED use will be reviewed on opening day coaches meeting.

  3. Harassment training/information in registration

  4. Any parent on the sidelines must be registered as coach.  Parents are not permitted to just stand with team by the bench.

  5. As a coach this season, you will be the COVID 19 administrator for your team. This includes enforcing masks and social distancing for players on sideline. You will also be responsible for the mask requirement on field by the parents. Should parents not observe the mask requirement, you are required to stop the practice or game until parents have masked or left the playing area.

Coach Registration:

Instructions to follow in the coming days.


  • Items you will be communicating to parents/players: schedules/referees/weather/fields and field condition, equipment, game strategy

  • Scheduling and cancelling games: call the assigned referee and opposing team’s coach. Use WASA Field # if weather is an issue.  You will be the final arbiter on whether field conditions are acceptable for play.

  • Inventory Return: Return tote after the last game to Rick Ferrell’s office or place in the coaches’ room

  • Field maintenance/trash pickup: coaches, parents, and players are all equally responsible for cleaning up after games or practices

  • Inventory: The following items will be provided: pennies, shirts, socks game ball, medical kit, goalie gloves, goalie shirt, and at least 10 practice cones. 

  • AED device overview for Sudden Cardiac Arrest 

  • Coaching expectation/inform parents about work parties /practices and game schedules

    • Practices/games: Soccer 101 Training Plans emailed weekly TeamSnap

    • Communications parents/players use of messaging on

    • Assistant/manager: Background registration

    • Background Check and Concussion training required to get roster for games.  You will also need to complete Cardiac training module and safe play module.

    • Rules of game/pass out player packet and sell Outback Steakhouse raffle tickets-parents can also sell if interested.)

    • You are responsible for instructing/personal learning.  We send you Soccer 101 weekly and you can call Dave Hahn (740-310-4951) for assistance or work with one of our experienced coaches.

    • Prior to games, make a safety check of field and goals. Ensure that the goals are anchored, and the net is attached.

    • You must register as coach with the background check and have current concussion to have name on roster.  No roster for games unless coach is registered

    • Lindsay’s Law in registration. Karolyn Fox information on AED use

    • Harassment training/information in registration

    • Any parent on the sidelines must be registered as coach.  Parents are not permitted to just stand with team

    • With younger and some older teams, snacks and beverages are provided after game.  Players should always bring own water and appropriate size ball.

  • Parent /player information

    • Parents meet with coaches/team Introduce, give schedule and expectations.  Our SCASA rules state all players showing up for game should play 50%

    • Talk about schedule/handouts schedule contact numbers

    • Talk about communications

    • Get an assistant for calls/calling tree

    • Plan practices; can use drills /ideas from Soccer 101 which is mailed weekly.

    • Coach’s expectation should be in line with the age group you are coaching.  Use Soccer 101 and resource links on this web site.  Use Dave Hahn or someone with soccer experience.

  • Age group emphasis

    • Kiddie Kick is about beginning play in groups and having fun. This is a more relaxed experience than the Pre-Travel.

    • Pre-Travel is about having fun and learning basics.  If you do or don’t have experience Soccer 101 is a great guide.  Make sure you are receiving.

    • U-10: emphasis should be on personal skills and some minimal technical training at the rec level.  Small-sided games for practices are excellent. Again, see Soccer 101 for assistance.

    • U12: emphasis is a balance between defense, offense, personal skills, and more specific technical skills. Soccer 101 is great reference and soccer resources on this page are good for specifics.

    • U14-15: emphasis should now shift to more technical training, but this depends on the soccer skills of your players.  Continue to go through skill drills which should now involve field strategy.  Soccer 101 can be good assist as well resources on web site.

  • Have Fun and expand your knowledge of soccer

    • Remember IT’S FOR THE KIDS

    • You need to have fun with it and don’t overcoach. Overcoaching occurs when a coach is excessively instructing the team while they are playing (i.e. yelling for each player to move where you want them to be or what you want them to do). Do most of your instruction prior to game and in practice, at halftime, or sub out the player, explain, then put them back in. You have unlimited subbing.

There are many links under coaches resources, which will help you understand the game and skill building for your team.