Spring 2021 Season with COVID-19 Restrictions

The registration website and the player/parent site will have birth years noted for each age group. Practice will begin the 2nd week of April and play will begin one week later. Coaches will call players starting the first week of April. Kiddie Kick and Pre Travel will begin the third week of April. See instructions under Player/Parent Information.


We want to reduce risk to players and parents by practicing social distancing and limiting the number of people on the playing fields.  As COVID-19 rules change or are modified we will refine these guidelines.


The following will be enforced:

  1. Players over age 6 and older will practice social distancing when not playing and must wear a mask on sideline. Players will play without a mask.

  2. Coaches will wear masks at all times and will have hand sanitizer available.

  3. Coaches will be screening players before practices and games to ensure that no one is experiencing symptoms or is sick. Parents or children who become sick should not return to the fields until they have completed quarantine.

  4. We will observe the restrictions and guidelines set by the State of Ohio, Belmont County Health Deptartment, and the Ohio Youth Soccer North. Understand that the restrictions and guidelines may change during the season. We ask for your patience and cooperation should they change.

  5. On the day of a game or practice, only parents and guardians (two persons and siblings) will be permitted on the field. They will be required to wear masks and social distance on the fields. Those who do not wear masks will be required to leave the fields but can remain in the parking areas.


Safety Guidelines

  1. Wear mask and social distance around soccer complex.

  2. Vigorously wash hands for 20 seconds, or use alcohol based hand wipes.

  3. Cover mouth and nose with elbow or tissue for coughs or sneezes. Throw any used tissues into trash container.

  4. If you are ill or experiencing a fever, STAY HOME. Keep a safe 6 ft distance from others to prevent disease spread.

  5. Avoid close contact with those who are sick.

  6. If you are seriously ill, seek medical help.

If you have questions regarding play at each age level, please check the Player/Parent Information page. For questions not answered by the previously mentioned page, contact David Hahn at 740-695-4207 or dbhahn45@aol.com. For questions related to registration, contact Kristina Scott at kristinak4202@gmail.com or 740-381-4202.


All the best and stay healthy,


David Hahn



See the following resources from the CDC for additional information regarding COVID-19: 

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