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Pavilion Rental

From graduation parties, to wedding receptions, to steak fries, we've got what you need! Our Noon Rotary Pavilion recently underwent $100,000 in renovations and is ready for all events.

Weekday (1 day):    $300 

Weekend (1 day):    $400

Weddings (3 days):  $1000

All that is required is a $100 non-refundable deposit that will go toward the overall rental fee, provided there is no cancellation.

Indoor Venue, Outdoor Appeal
Prior to the renovations, the pavilion was an open-air facility with benches and tables. It had bathrooms, a kitchen-type area with a sink, coolers, and a sizable grill out back, perfect for steak fries. Metal doors were able to be pulled down on the sides and end in the event of inclement weather.

But again, that was before the $100k investment.

Now, the pavilion has doubled in length, features seating capacity for up to 200 guests inside, and can be completely enclosed.

Yet, it still retains that open-air feel as there are doorways on either side that open completely up.

Weekend rentals go for $350 while use for wedding receptions increases to $750 due to a multi-day booking for preparations, the event itself, and teardown.

Heart of the Volunteers
SCASA is an all-volunteer organization, from the soccer league to the field maintenance and upkeep. So too are the members tasked with helping book and run the pavilion. All proceeds from pavilion rental go back to the soccer association.


It’s not the first time a large chunk of money has been used to improve the facility. When the St. Clairsville Noon Rotary celebrated its 100-year anniversary, it donated $50,000 to the facility. The organization’s logo is featured on the counter by the kitchen-area.

SCASA is a privately-run organization so all dollars are accounted for and put to good use.

In addition to the indoor upgrades, a covered patio on the outside of the facility can house extra picnic tables. It also provides a picturesque view of some of the soccer fields and rolling hills and farmland further in the distance. The large grill in the back is sizable enough to accommodate even a large steak fry. Even the bathrooms received a major upgrade, enough for event attendees to remark on their cleanliness and accommodations.

Those looking for more information are encouraged to call Rick Ferrell at (740) 312-5895 or visit the Facebook page to see more pictures.

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